Frequently Asked Questions

We regularly receive questions from people who are interested in enrolling in our courses. We have compiled some of them and provided our answers below.

1. What payment methods do you accept and how do I get started with my course?

We accept for now major credit cards. But, we are working on adding a couple more payment methods in our system to accommodate more students.

To start studying your course, just follow the instructions contained in the email we will send along with your invoice. If you do not receive the email a couple of hours after you have settled the payment, check your junk folder as our email may have been accidentally filtered.

2. Does my course have an expiration date?

Yes. Once you purchase a course, you are granted full-year access to its content and materials. You can study the modules at any given time within the said period. If, for whatever reason, you have not completed the course in the 12 weeks you have access to it, you can request for extension for an additional cost.

3. What technology do I need to complete a course?

Minimum technological requirements include a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, updated browser, stable Internet connection, and a working email address.

4. Can I share my subscription or course materials to other people?

No. However, you can always recommend our courses to your family, friends or colleagues. Once they have enrolled and paid for a course, they can also enjoy unlimited and complete access to the course materials.

5. Are the courses ideal for beginners?

Yes. Most of our courses require little or no previous knowledge or skills to complete. So long as you’re interested in the subject and you want to learn about it, you can take any of our courses. Even if you do have previous knowledge and skills about a particular course, you can still take it to brush up on or build upon what you already know.

6. What happens after I finished my course?

You will be issued a certificate, which will serve as official recognition of your accomplishment. As it comes in PDF format, you can use it on your profile or as attachment to your CV.

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