About Us

Skills on Projects help you earn relevant competencies to excel in your chosen field

Who We Are

Skills on Projects is a professional online education platform offering courses that help learners receive skills on demand. We use a combination of text modules, video tutorials, and assessments to meet the varying learning needs of students.

Our Commitments

We are committed to two things: advancing education for everyone through online learning and preparing students become successful in their future careers.

To deliver such commitments, we work with some of the best educators and experts in the human resources, medical, legal, marketing and communication fields. This ensures that all our courses are crafted with attention to detail and contain information learners need to gain knowledge and skills that have practical applications. We also make our courses accessible to everyone not just by keeping their prices low, but also by letting learners approach the lessons at their own time and pace.

Our Contribution

We are aware about the growing need for highly skilled people, particularly in expanding sectors. We are doing our best to fill such need in the labour market by providing higher education to students that will earn them functional skills necessary to be employable and support the competitiveness and productivity of the companies they’ll be joining in.

Our Values

As a professional online learning platform, the values we have set define who we are and function as a benchmark on how we deliver our services. So when you deal with us or take any of our courses, rest assured that we:

  • Adhere to the highest educational and ethical standards
  • Exercise integrity in everything we do
  • Keep our courses relevant and up to date
  • Respect diversity and uphold equality

Make Us Your Partner to Success

Skills on Projects believes having relevant knowledge and qualifications equate to better career opportunities and higher earning potentials. This is why we have designed our courses to endow you with the know-how and skills employers are seeking for.

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