Basic Health and Social Care

Course Overview

It is a basic human need to be able to interact with others and live in a harmonious atmosphere. This also goes without saying that people need to have a healthy environment that is filled with positive factors and other things that can help sustain a healthy mind and body. With the recent changes in human living conditions, certain important things are usually taken for granted.

The need for social care is inevitable nowadays. Everyone needs to turn to someone for care, especially if there are conditions present that make it difficult to live without the help of others. The Basic Health and Social Care course is made to make it easier for people who are inclined to work in the social care system to adapt and develop skills that do not only help others but also provide a nurturing and caring persona to the individual.

In taking this course, one can expect to learn that social care doesn’t only mean helping others but also developing the need to become a more humane person.

Course Highlights

  • 24/7 access to quality course content and materials for 12 weeks
  • Seamless compatibility across all devices and browsers
  • End of module assessments to test your knowledge of the covered topics
  • Access to dedicated online support throughout course duration
  • Course Duration

    To provide maximum flexibility, there is no specific deadline of completion for this course. Since the course can be accessed anytime online, you may choose to learn the lessons in multiple sessions or cover the entire course in one go. Take note that the aforementioned learning hours is just an estimate. The duration to complete the entire course still depends on your learning pace. Since the course can be accessed anytime online, you may choose to learn the lessons in multiple sessions or cover the entire course in one go.

    Course Certification

    Upon completing the Basic Health and Social Care course, you will receive a certificate of completion from Skills on Projects. This certificate will be in PDF format and will be sent to the email address you have used on sign up. No additional fee will be charged to secure this certification. Use it to boost your CV and help organisations uncover effective methods of communicating through different technologies.

    Course Outline
    • Module 1: Standards and Values for Care Workers
    • Module 2: Personal and Professional Development
    • Module 3: The Importance of Effective Communication
    • Module 4: The Concept of Duty of Care
    • Module 5: Handling Diversity and Promoting Equality
    • Module 6: Person Centered Care Services
    • Module 7: Health Promotion
    • Module 8: Safety and Security in the Workplace
    • Module 9: Safeguarding and Preventing Abuse

    Minimum Technological Requirements

    Device and Browser

    Access the course from any computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device. You also need an updated browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer 11.

    Pen and Paper

    Important points are spread throughout the course. A pen and paper will come in handy in such situation, so you can jot down the things you need to remember.

    Internet Access

    To participate in the online aspects of the course, you need to have access to a stable Internet connection.

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