Course Overview

Life coaching impacts lives in more ways you can imagine. It can encourage one to commit to a change, inspire another to take action, or motivate someone to see life in a more positive light. As such, if you’re thinking of building a career in this field, it’s crucial that you’re flexible and have the right attitude and skills to create positive changes in the lives of others.

Our Life Coaching Course brings together a variety of disciplines that will help you gain a strong foundation in life coaching. These include emotional intelligence, relationship intelligence, positive psychology, self discovery, professional and organizational management, and evidence-based coaching, among others. Here, you’ll be equipped with the right tools, processes, and effective approaches to deal with diverse kinds of clients. In the end, you should be able to help clients progress in their relationships, career, health, finances and spirituality.

Being a life coach is one of the most rewarding careers you can have. With our Life Coach Certification, it should help you get into this practice.

Course Highlights

  • 24/7 access to quality course content and materials for 12 weeks
  • Seamless compatibility across all devices and browsers
  • End of module assessments to test your knowledge of the covered topics
  • Access to dedicated online support throughout course duration
Course Duration

To provide maximum flexibility, there is no specific deadline of completion for this course. Since the course can be accessed anytime online, you may choose to learn the lessons in multiple sessions or cover the entire course in one go. Take note that the aforementioned learning hours is just an estimate. The duration to complete the entire course still depends on your learning pace. Since the course can be accessed anytime online, you may choose to learn the lessons in multiple sessions or cover the entire course in one go.

Course Certification

Upon completing the Life Coach Certification, you will receive a certificate of completion from Skills on Projects. This certificate will be in PDF format and will be sent to the email address you have used on sign up. No additional fee will be charged to secure this certification. Use it to boost your CV and start helping people get their personal or professional life back on track.

Course Outline
  • Module 1: Introduction to Life Coaching
    • What Life Coaching Is
    • The Beginnings of Life Coaching
    • Theoretical Framework of Life Coaching
    • Life Coaching Versus Other Helping Professions
  • Module 2: How To Become A Life Coach - Part 1
    • Job Description of a Life Coach
    • What a Life Coach Does
    • What a Life Coach Should Not Do
    • Educational and Training Requirements for Life Coaching
    • The Top Characteristics of Excellent Life Coaches
  • Module 3: How Life Coaching Works
    • People Who Seek Coaching
    • Why People Seek Coaching
    • Why Organizations Seek Coaching
    • Varied Coaching Specialties
  • Module 4: How to Become A Life Coach – Part 2 (FAQ)
    • Specialist vs. Generalist Coaching
    • Independent Work vs. Employment
    • Full-time vs. Part-time Coaching
    • The License
    • The Office
    • Coaching Method: In Person vs. Over the Phone
  • Module 5: How to Become A Life Coach – Part 3 (FAQ)
    • The Coaching Fee
    • Pre-Service Requirements
    • The Business Marketability
    • Towards Profitability
    • When to Begin Coaching
  • Module 6: Life Coaching Ethical Code of Conduct
    • Privacy and Confidentiality
    • Integrity and Honesty
    • Openness and Transparency
    • Professional Conduct at Large
    • Care
    • Maintaining Expertise
    • Coaching Supervision
  • Module 7: Life Coaching Process
    • The Coaching Process Overview
    • The Pre-Coaching Session
    • The Discovery Session
    • The Regular Life Coaching Session
    • The Completion Session
  • Module 8: The Specifics of Coaching – Part 1
    • Building Rapport
    • Assessing the Client’s Present Situation
    • Goal Setting
  • Module 9: The Specifics of Coaching – Part 2
    • Exploring the Options
    • Assessing the Options
    • Identifying Obstacles and Challenges
    • Identifying the Client’s Strengths, Values, and Passions
    • Designing an Action Plan
    • Holding Accountability and Evaluating Progress
    • Providing Encouragement and Motivation
  • Module 10: Coaching Models
    • What a Coaching Model is
    • GROW
    • CLEAR
    • STEPPA
    • OSKAR
  • Module 11: Coaching Approaches
    • What a Coaching Approach is
    • Solution Focused (SF) Approach
    • Narrative Approach
    • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
    • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Module 12: Essential Life Coaching Skills
    • Listening Skills
    • Active Listening
    • Questioning Skills
    • Traits of a Good Question
    • Traits of a Bad Question
  • Module 13: Course Wrap-Up
    • Common Coach-oriented Life Coaching Mistakes
    • Common Client-oriented Life Coaching Mistakes
    • How to Select a Coach Supervisor

Minimum Technological Requirements

Device and Browser

Access the course from any computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device. You also need an updated browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer 11.

Pen and Paper

Important points are spread throughout the course. A pen and paper will come in handy in such situation, so you can jot down the things you need to remember.

Internet Access

To participate in the online aspects of the course, you need to have access to a stable Internet connection.

Interested in Becoming a Life Coach?

Our Life Coach Certification will prepare you for this exciting career by helping you develop skills that matter for the job and will allow you to effectively help clients navigate life changes and achieve their personal and professional goals. Enrol now!

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